Unique Meeting Venues Available in the Coeur d’Alene Area

TMI Tours has access to many exciting locations for corporate meetings, family events, weddings, planning sessions, team building events, and special events. Let us help you secure a unique venue for your event. Tired of the traditional hotel conference room? How about using an amazing lakefront home for your event! Perhaps an old or new barn, a teepee (yes, we have access to some really awesome teepees), a private beach location, or a historic building is what you’re looking for? Whatever you envision as the perfect location for your next event, TMI Tours will help you make the necessary arrangements.

Are you scheduling a corporate meeting place or retreat to work on a project? Why not use a non-typical location to stimulate creativity and motivation. The casual environment of a beautiful lakefront home tends to open people up to more discussion. A comfortable, living room style setting is much more conducive to conversation than a stuffy, generic hotel conference room.

By using an “out-of-the box” location for your next event allows people to clear their heads, look at things differently—from a new and exciting perspective, and free themselves from the confines of everyday life. There are numerous interesting locations that will offer you and your group a fresh view and provide a powerful, stimulating and motivating effect on your team. Meetings and events that are held in unusual surroundings that are completely new for the participants generally excite, astonish, unsettle, and inspire them which in turn can lead to a very successful, creative event for your business. Get your team out of the boardroom (known in some places as the “boredroom”) and give your group an exciting opportunity to bond and move your business ahead!

TMI Tours will make sure that any facility you need is outfitted with the latest audiovisual technology tools, Internet access, telephone service, and any other needs to ensure that your meeting is successful. To explore all of the exciting possibilities for your next meeting, please contact Rhonda Sand at 1-800-975-7775 or email her for more information.