Bed and Breakfast Farmstays

We are so fortunate in North Idaho to be surrounded by many beautiful farms and ranches.  Farmstays are a popular way to become part of the family, to experience life on a working farm while enjoying the amenities of a vacation.  In Coeur d’Alene, we have the advantage of being located near a very unique organic farm that will accommodate you in a luxurious wall-tent for the night and cook an organic, farm fresh breakfast for you in the morning.   During your stay you can learn all about organic farming, pick fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, gather farm-fresh free range eggs or visit the gentle farm animals that share this heavenly place.  This is a very popular destination during the summer and reservations are a must.  You can choose to stay for as many nights as you like and partake of the farm activities or just relax in a hammock in the cool, fresh gardens.  Call or email us at  TMI Tours & Cruises and let us arrange an itinerary that is suited to your taste.