Using Wild Mustangs to do Teambuilding in Idaho and Montana

Wild mustang horses roam the hills of Idaho and Montana.  Each year our Bureau of Land Management rounds them up for auction.  We have a few very talented individuals who are Horse Whisperer’s.  This is an amazing behavioral show.  We have had groups of creative teams use this beautiful demonstration to produce dialouge in their own businesses.  The Coeur d’Alene and North Idaho area is perfect for this type of unique though provoking team building idea.  We can couple this with other unique meeting venue’s.  The best time is in the summer because that is when the horse’s are brought into the more urban areas.  Otherwise, accessing them is still possible but it would be quite remote.  Groups of 3 to 30 can be managed at a time.  We schedule them back to back with different horses.  Horse Whispering is ideal as well for families looking for a unique family bonding vacation experience.  We also can combine the mustang experience with Native American Indian traditions.  Idaho and Montana is home to a number of different Tribes that can really enhance your visit.  Contact Linda or Rhonda at TMI Tours to arrange this unique Western American show.