American River Cruising-Part 1

Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge: A natural wind tunnel cutting it’s way through the Cascade Mountains to deliver the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean.  This was the final destination of the famous Lewis & Clark Expedition in 1806, the discovery of the Northwest Passage.  Traversing the mighty Columbia today is quite a different experience with its engineering marvels of locks and dams, but the adventure is still the same.  Rich in Native American culture, quaint port towns, breathtaking waterfalls and exquisite scenery make cruising this American river a very rewarding vacation in so many ways.

First, lets explore the beautiful small ships that make this amazing journey!  With maximum occupancy of 84-96 guests, these ships offer a much more intimate experience with up close proximity to the wonder of the Columbia River and it’s canyon.  With floor to ceiling windows for inside veiwing and ample outside deck space to enjoy the fresh breezes, your comfort is a  top priority.  The onboard Exploration Leaders are distinguished experts eager to share their passion and insight for the history and culture of the Columbia River Gorge and it’s people.

With three distinctive itineraries to choose from, all departing from the West coast of the United States, there is something of interest for everyone.  The River Voyage of Discovery  focuses on history, art and culture.  The Taste of the Pacific Northwest delves into the regions unique wineries and the local bounty of orchards, farms and the sea.  The Northwest Passage cruise features a little of everything including the Mt. St. Helens volcano area, still rebounding from her 1980 explosion.

Stay tuned as we further explore the unique itineraries of each cruise.  For brochures, prices, and availability, please contact Rhonda Sand or Linda Bruno at TMI Tours & Cruises or email us at

  • donna bowman

    this is one of the most beautiful sites i have ever seen….is this the river that is shown so often in the twilight series??