Apex Predators in Yellowstone National Park

Due to a controversial, yet very successful reintroduction program, wolves are now a fixture in Yellowstone National Park after an absence of over 70 years. Several dozen wolves were captured in Canada and then turned loose in Yellowstone during March of 1995. Since their reintroduction in the park, the animals have done remarkably well—reproducing at a rapid rate. Wolf packs are now located in various parts of the park. Wolves prey on a variety of species, notably elk in the Yellowstone area, but will also pursue moose, deer, sheep, and other animals.

Although these wolf packs have wandered outside of Yellowstone’s boundaries, the best place to see them is still inside the park primarily in the Lamar Valley between Mammoth and Cooke City. While it is still very early in the morning and it’s still dark, we will set up at our overlook to watch and listen very quietly and intently. Chances are we’ll hear them howling, and we may see them in this vast open sagebrush area as they hunt. Viewing wildlife in Yellowstone is an amazing experience not to be missed!

This exciting adventure, along with luxurious lodge accommodations where elk and bison can be observed from the front door await you as part of our Wildlife and Waterfalls Yellowstone Adventure. To learn more about this amazing trip, please contact Rhonda Sand or Linda Bruno today at 1-800-975-7775.