Ride the Hiawatha

Everyone should ride the Hiawatha Trail…at least once! Whether you’re a North Idaho local or you’re just visiting our beautiful area, we highly recommend this beautiful, easy bike ride.

This “crown jewel” of rail-to-trail mountain bicycle trails is located near Interstate 90 at the Idaho/Montana state line, 12 miles east of historic Wallace, Idaho. With 10 tunnels and 7 high trestles, this 15-mile winding route crosses the rugged Bitteroot Mountains between Idaho and Montana. The Route of the Hiawatha is best known for the long, dark Taft Tunnel, which burrows for 1.66 miles under the Idaho/Montana state line.

While a 15 mile bike ride (one way) may seem daunting to many, it’s an easy trail to ride. Keep in mind that it never exceeds a 2% grade anywhere on the trail (due to government regulations when the railroad was built). This makes it an easy trail for children and adults of any age and skill level. For bikers who enjoy longer, more challenging rides, you may turn around at the end and ride back up for a total of 30 miles.

There are several spots along the trail that feature historical markers and beautiful vistas await you at every turn. Don’t forget your camera!

TMI Tours can make all of the arrangements for your group if you wish – tickets, bike rentals, headlamps (required), and even gourmet picnic lunches! Call us today at 1-800-975-7775 to plan your trip. The tentative opening for the Hiawatha this year is May 24th, 2009!