Stehekin, WA—A True “Get Away from It All” Location

View from the docks at Stehekin, WA

View from the docks at Stehekin, WA

Are you looking to really get away, relax, and just enjoy some beautiful surroundings? If so, consider Stehekin, Washington. There are only three ways to get to Stehekin—you can hike in, take a floatplane, or travel on the Lady of the Lake ferry up spectacular, sliver-thin Lake Chelan. The voyage to Stehekin itself is an exciting part of the experience. As you get closer to Stehekin, you further remove yourself from the hustle of the modern world. Once you’ve arrived, you will encounter a place where there are no shopping malls, movie theaters, or internet cafes. Here, you will find solace, a relaxing pace of life, and the ability to reconnect with nature. And there are no phones…for some folks, that alone makes this a fantastic location for a vacation!

Stehekin is an outdoor recreational gateway where you can get out and play in the gorgeous landscape of the North Cascades in multiple ways. You are surrounded by whitewater that begs to be conquered, trails that are well suited to horseback rides; miles of single track mountain-bike trails; boat-in campsites that beg for you to kayak to; and fantastic fishing opportunities that will yield lake trout, kokanee, and landlocked Chinook salmon.

Journey up the Stehekin Valley Road (easily traveled via shuttle bus) into North Cascades National Park, and you’ll be treated to excellent day hiking and overnight trailheads that allow you to explore the alpine realm of marmots, pikas, jagged peaks, and glaciers.

Stehekin has beautiful lodges, cabins, developed campgrounds, and all sorts of outdoor opportunities that make it a fantastic destination for a family retreat or solo adventure. If you’re looking to get away from the daily hustle and bustle, then we encourage you to consider Stehekin. Call Linda Bruno or Rhonda Sand at TMI Tours today to start planning your get away at 1-800-975-7775.